Monday, February 27, 2012

Making it though Oscar Weekend.....barely

Monday, Medifast Monday! I am actually glad it's here! 18 lbs gone, as I start week 4. But, oh how this past weekend was a challenge.
I wanted to eat eat eat on Sunday. Stayed home all lieu of the Oscars....(My Superbowl ).  2 of my Medifast meals were back-to-back pancakes....I could of had 5. Wanted Wine, chocolate, chips....and so on.  HOWEVER, I maintained very well....with just a few bites of NO-NOs.

18lbs...and my knees aren't hurting. Laying in bed at night, my arms aren't falling asleep. My face is becoming more defined. My dimples are popping once again. My Long arms are slimming down. My toe ring is loosening up. My shoes too.

My motto for this week... "NOTHING Tastes as good as SKINNY FEELS"

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Was asked what my blog would be answer: complete randomness. Am a Realtor, love real some of that. Am approaching mid life, working on being more healthy and weighing a parent...a wife, a sister, daughter, aunt, employee, tax payer, housekeep (not a great one) goes on and on.
 Really, this blog would be for and about ME! The moments I get to spend writing, sharing and expressing MYSELF.  It probably is not the best reason to be blogging.
 In my industry, people blog to drive business their way.  I am more interested in bettering myself through connections, relations, conversations.... I won't over think what I write...but just let is flow.
( kind of like real life) There will be punctuation errors, political incorrectness and mood swings, i.e. FLAWS. But we are all flawed.
The older I get the more I relish these imperfections and realize that the people that DON'T works so hard to hide their flaws are the people that are most genuine and I want to be around.
Short, sweet posts... (opposite of me...tall & sassy). Real, maybe manic & impulsive and definitely FLAEWED.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

First Official Buzz of Mine much to focus, at the moment, is being on week 2 of Medifast and being down 11.7 lbs.   Oh Yea, Baby!! Rings, shoes, bras are LOOSER!