Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Are Online Connections Reality?

Looking back, I haven't always needed people. Maybe due to the fact that I have 3 younger sisters, 6 Aunts and a large extended family.  I don't recall the joy of connecting, the way I do now.  Is it a manic thing?  Is it even real?  This emotional thrill of connecting with old friend & making new ones creates a buzz that makes me freekin HAPPY.  I can't help but wonder, is it a legit happiness? How has my life been changed by these connections?  
In all honesty...YES! I am happier now that 4 years ago...pre Facebook, pre Twitter, Pre Social Media life.  If I need to express myself and feel heard....I CAN NOW!  If I am antsy and want to be naughty, I CAN! Throw an elusive post out there and the banter begin! We can support local business just by LIKING their page. We can make a friends day just by posting a silly joke on their wall....we can wish happy birthday to people that we never would have an opportunity too!
Connecting, sharing invoke real feelings...for's JOY. It may be related to Manic but I'll take it!!

Saturday, March 3, 2012


Yesterday? EMOTIONAL, knowing I was going to indulge for monthly Prime Rib dinner w/friends at the Moose. Felt bothered all day...knowing I would stray off my Medifast Plan & have a cocktail or two. HOWEVER, it is done and over with and I feel way better today. I did have 2 Vodka Tonics, a portion of prime rib, enjoyed the salad & beans & left the potato. So, yes, I varied off track....but not over indulgently, Moderately would be more appropriate.
When I weighed in this morning,...was down a 1 lb.  Whew....
We have life changing events upcoming which equate to much stress.  Am focusing on making positives out of negatives...using the experience to learn,to be more physically fit and better our lives, economically as well as spiritually.
That's the Buzz in my bonnet for today!!