Sunday, February 19, 2012

Was asked what my blog would be answer: complete randomness. Am a Realtor, love real some of that. Am approaching mid life, working on being more healthy and weighing a parent...a wife, a sister, daughter, aunt, employee, tax payer, housekeep (not a great one) goes on and on.
 Really, this blog would be for and about ME! The moments I get to spend writing, sharing and expressing MYSELF.  It probably is not the best reason to be blogging.
 In my industry, people blog to drive business their way.  I am more interested in bettering myself through connections, relations, conversations.... I won't over think what I write...but just let is flow.
( kind of like real life) There will be punctuation errors, political incorrectness and mood swings, i.e. FLAWS. But we are all flawed.
The older I get the more I relish these imperfections and realize that the people that DON'T works so hard to hide their flaws are the people that are most genuine and I want to be around.
Short, sweet posts... (opposite of me...tall & sassy). Real, maybe manic & impulsive and definitely FLAEWED.

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